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All divisions and levels of play are permitted to have a minimum of four (4) players, including a goalie, ... and a maximum of eight (8) players, including a goalie.


*Co-Ed rosters must have a minimum of one (1) female player (which can be a goalie), and a maximum of seven (7) players, of which one (1) can be a goalie.  Remember, there must be at least ONE (1) female player playing in the game AT ALL TIMES (player or goalie).



Teams will be permitted a maximum of TWO (2) roster changes up to 6:00 pm of the Thursday BEFORE the start of the event on Saturday.  At no time, must your roster exceed eight (8) players, incl. goalie.  If you add one or two players, then you must immediately delete one or two players at the same time.

Levels of Play


Hockey Street Tournament

The primary goals and objectives of this grassroots program are and remain: ... to engage communities and centres, focusing on youth and recreational players: ... enjoy the game of hockey in a fun, safe, and wholesome environment, whether it be ball or roller hockey: ... whilst uniting everyone no matter their age, gender, or skill level with others in a team atmosphere.

HOCKEY STREET is a street hockey initiative being developed by a group of like-minded hockey people whose goal is to develop outdoor tournaments for ball and roller hockey here in Alberta, with plans to expand to other Canadian provinces, as well as overseas and North America.

We hope that you and your family and friends will join us, whether it be as a single player, group of friends, by entering a team, or simply come out and enjoy the day's festivities as a fan and spectator!

With the kind support and sponsorship of both local, and regional vendors, we guarantee there'll be something for everyone in your family to enjoy!

Do you have questions?

We have the answers:

“How do I register my team?”

Easy.  Simply click on the REGISTRATION button at the top of the home page, … and follow the instructions!


“How do I choose the right format to register my team in?”

Simply choose your gender.  Men, Women, Co-Ed, Youth (choose your age level), Masters (40+ yrs), and Legends (55+ yrs), … are the formats we currently offer.


“How do I choose the right skill level to register my team in?”

Super easy.


For the Men, you have 4 levels to choose from.  Rec for the 1st time or zero experienced players, up to the Elite level for teams that love to play a high skilled, fast paced game.  We’ve conveniently broken down each level to reflect the std divisions of play that men play in their leagues.


Women have 2 levels.  Competitive or Rec.  You want some skill and a faster game, go Comp.  Wanna a slower pace, maybe get some exercise in, … go Rec!


And for the Youth, all levels of play (except Tykes and Minis) offer 2 levels of play … Comp. and Rec.  We encourage any youth team with experience playing ice, ball or roller hockey to enter in the Competitive level.  Those with minimal or zero, definitely go in the Rec level.


“How old do I have to be to play?”

We have a age level for practically everyone.  Children as young as 3 or 4 yrs old can register in our “Minis” level,  5 and 6 yrs old can register in “Tykes”, … and every other age of your children can play … including teenagers right up 18 yrs old!


AND for the adults, … Men that are 18 yrs or older can register in 4 different skill levels, … Women can have girls as young as 16 yrs old play, right up our moms in their 30’s and 40’s! … and for those adults that wanna play with their spouses, or brothers or sisters, even their children … can play in our Co-Ed division!


And for the, ahem, “veterans”, … we offer our Masters level of play for those dads that are 40 – 55 yrs, … and even a level for any grandpas out there, Legends, for those that are 55+ yrs!


“Do team managers or registrars have to play on the team?”

Nope.  In a lot of cases, for youth teams it’s a mom or dad that registers and pays for the team, and they don’t play.  For adults, same thing applies.


“How do I register as a single player?”

Super easy too.  Simply click on the REGISTRATION button at top of the home page, … and follow the instructions.


“Are teams permitted to have coaches or managers on their “benches”?”

Absolutely!  We do however ask that each team, whether it be youth or adult, only have a max. of two (2) each.  And that they are ONLY allowed to be by their team’s “benches”, they are in no way shape or form allowed on the playing surface.


Coaches and managers must observe proper etiquette and respect if they address a Game Coordinator.  Failure to do so, will result in a penalty shot being awarded to the other team, and they will get ejected from the game, and removed from the site.


“Are fans and spectators allowed at the event?”

ABSOLUTELY!  They provide the fun and atmosphere for the teams and players, and the rest of us!  We do ask that they observe and adhere to all the event’s rules and regs, … to ensure everyone has a fun and safe experience!



“Do I need any type of ID with me at the event?”

Yes.  All players, adult or youth, MUST have some form of ID with them.  Adults must have picture ID (driver’s license, passport), youth that are 16 yrs of age can use a driver’s license, … and all other youth should have a copy of their birth certificate or passport with them, or their parents.


“What equipment do I need as a Adult player (over 18 yrs)?”

There is no mandatory equipment as a Adult player.  All you simply need is a hockey stick, running shoes, gloves, … and the desire to have fun!


We do HIGHLY RECOMMEND hockey helmets (CSA approved), regular hockey gloves, shin guards, jock/jill protection, mouth guards, and eye protection (full or half visor, or sports goggles).


Goalies must provide their own gear … mask, goalie pads, blocker, trapper, goalie armour, hockey pants, jock/jill protection, and goalie stick.


“What equipment do I need as a Youth player (under 18 yrs)?”

For ANY youth under 13 yrs of age, they MUST have full and complete eye protection.  Eyes MUST be completely covered.


We HIGHLY RECOMMEND all youth players under 18 yrs of age to wear a full face or cage protection, along with shin guards, regular hockey gloves, jock/jill protection, normal hockey stick … and have the desire to run and have some fun!


“Does the tournament use accredited or sanctioned referees?”

We actually call our referees or officials, GAME COORDINATORS (GC).  Since they officiate the game, keep track of the time, and record the score, like a scorekeeper.  Where possible we try to work with and recruit referees from each centre’s local hockey leagues and associations, … BUT, we will frequently have regular people who wish to work the event as a GC, and will go through our brief orientation.  We do try to instruct and educate them the best we can on the rules of tournament, … but just like all of us, they’re only human!


“Is body contact or hitting allowed?”

NOOOOOOO!  None, zero … end of story.  You will get penalized and most likely kicked out of the game, if not tournament.


“How about fighting, is that allowed?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for this.  Not only will you get ejected from the game and kicked off the site, you will get banned from any future events.  DON’T DO IT!


“Is there any icings or off-sides?”

Nope, … neither.  Due to the size of the rinks and format of the game, we will not be having any icings or off-sides.  Dump the ball all you want, … cherry pickers are encouraged!  Lol


“If I take too many penalties, do I get kicked out of the game?”

Yes.  If you take two (2) penalties, you will be ejected from the game, and your team will be short-handed.  If they are major or serious penalties, you will also be removed from the tournament, and possibly banned from any future events.


“Are there any fines or suspensions?”

No, we do not have any fines or suspensions.  For any serious offences, teams and/or players will simply be ejected from the games, and/or banned from the tournament, and any future events.  We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for fighting or any type of abusive behaviour or conduct.


“Is liquor permitted or sold at these tournaments?”

ABSOLUTELY NOT.  We have ZERO TOLERANCE for any type of alcohol or drugs being brought into our events or onto our sites.  THIS INCLUDES MARIJUANA.  Anyone caught, will be removed from site and banned from future events, and possibly face legal consequences.


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